Jacob Report #1.2 – Ben-Israel: The Wicked Prince

Scriptures Support Jewish and Israeli origins of anti-Christ When we speak, (speculate) regarding Ben Israel, we are, for the moment, speaking about something that has not yet transpired.  When we do, it is an imprudent person who would state so dogmatically.  Whatever is herein proposed is done so with the understanding that what follows is this writer’s personal opinion.  It should be...
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Jacob Report #1.1 – Ben Israel: The Wicked Prince

Ethnic Origins of the anti-Christ; Is he Jewish and Israeli? The anti-Christ is a man, a prominent figure in Scripture.  What he does or will do, is so significant as to warrant through the Scripture an alert to Believers generations ahead of his actual existence as well as to depict the certainty of his demise. There have been many bad men, including evil leaders, throughout history.  Yet...
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